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WELCOME to Starla's Unicorn Party! 
Starla is a Firebrand Unicorn (Species Premiere to happen during this event!!) who has long been a companion to both Curtis and Carmen. She was one of the first conjures that Carmen did years ago for Curtis. Starla loves to play with lights, candles, incense, and will induce cravings for cupcakes and childlike excitement. Her adoption day was February 11th, and she loves that humans have their own individual holidays for cake, so she had to get in on it!
This thread is where you will find continuously updated links to different Unicorn Party sales, resources, and blogs!
Note that all sales you see above will end on the 12th of February at 11:59 PM EST. 
The MINT Blessing Bomb promotion only applies to orders that require shipment. A complimentary distance spell will be done in the stead of the blessing bomb if an individual uses MINT for a distance order.
Here's some helpful links for the event!
[More to Come!]
Thank you all, and enjoy the party!
Curtis and Carmen!
  • Feb 08, 2017
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