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SPIRIT Support - Discord & Zendesk

Part of our New Years Resolution was to optimize our support channels, so that less emails get lost in translation, and response times are quicker! 

We have now changed our support channels, so update your bookmarks if necessary! 

To file a ticket surrounding an order, please either send an email to support@magickalmenagerie.com, or visit http://magickalmenagerie.zendesk.com/

For all things related to orders that were already fulfilled, and assistance with communication, spirit work, amulet work, or otherwise, we now have a support-based discord channel that you can access here.

The discord server has a few rules, and by signing on and participating, you are accepting these terms!

[NOTE: Do not ask questions related to order fulfillment, shipping, or anything related to these in Discord. Discord is for support questions related to practice, not order fulfillment, placement, or completion. If you have a question about an order that was placed, we can only guarantee communication on the matter if you submit a ticket to the helpdesk.]

With the Discord Spirit Support, we will attempt to be on for a few hours a day, mostly having Discord running in the background during our normal hours of operation. For this reason, we ask that you be patient, and when working with one another in our absence, please follow the below rules.

1. Though we encourage you to help each other, please no fear-mongering. Most conjurers have protections over the companions they send out, so no matter whether the companion comes from us or another conjurer out there, we solidly recommend working with the conjurer if you suspect a problem!

2. We do want this to be a cordial environment, so we have the protections set on medium. There may be some censorship for this reason.

3. Be kind and polite to one another. Be courteous, and if there is a disagreement to be had, please have it off the channel – we do not permit aggression in the channel, as that takes away from the encouraging, spiritual vibe we want here for everyone.

4. We may close the channel down occasionally if we cannot keep up with it as we want to, mainly to ensure that the channel remains clean, clear, and effective.

5. This group is not for advertising, but we may at some point put a channel for bulletins and updates from other sellers. If you see an advertisement that isn’t posted by Curtis and Carmen, that advertisement is not related to Magickal Menagerie and we are not responsible for any services rendered.

6. Be kind, patient, and have an open mind. We want to do as much as possible to help you all, but we do get a lot of online, email, and helpdesk tickets in a day. We seek a few active hours on discord a day if possible, but this may not be the case every day due to workload and weekends.

7. If you are concerned about the nature of a binding or an entity’s opinion of you, please contact the conjurer of that entity. Every conjurer has different protections, approaches, and magickal guards that can appear any number of ways or simply make it hard for outside energies to approach them. We openly encourage discourse, but take heed that other individuals may not be able to contact your companion with the same clarity and openness that you and your conjurer would be able to.

8. Be sure when communicating that you utilize your psychic hygiene. Make sure to cleanse, ground, and center. Sometimes we spook ourselves when the reality is that our wires got crossed and we aren’t communicating with who we think we are.

9. We aren’t using outside moderators, but you will find two additional labels: MMStaff are Curtis and Carmen. @advisor would be someone vetted in the community that we trust to give advice, but are not moderators. They simply are good at offering advice and we feel that they may have helpful insights if we are absent.


  • Feb 02, 2018
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