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Raffle Specifications

Hauntober Raffle Information

As part of our Carnival Celebration for Samhain, we will be having a raffle for a custom piece. The piece is called “The Mare Multa Talisman”. It is connected with twelve rare and powerful spirits who will choose the winner of the raffle. Accompanying their vessel will be two new spells that will be unveiled during the month of October, as well as a reading from the spirits of the vessel to the winner that they have fashioned for us called “The Great Reef Reading”.

The winning package will include the following:

  • Water Buffalo Bone Mermaid Pendant
    • Ethically Sourced
    • Made in US
  • Charging Bag
  • Nylon Necklace
  • “The Great Reef Reading”
    • 12 Card Tarot Spread
    • Insight into your life, hidden messages, and treasures within yourself
  • Two Spells for Shielding, Energy Raising, and Strengthening Intuition
  • Twelve Unique Mermaid Spirits at Platinum Tier and Higher
    • Dualix Oceana
    • Lucestra Water Maiden
    • Pacific Queen
    • Pink Beach Mermaid
    • Precious Amber Mermaid
    • Myriad Reef Mermaid
    • Purple Algae Mermaid
    • Spectra Mermaid
    • Spotted Yellow Mermaid
    • Mahi Mermaid
    • Homina Mermaid

You may purchase entries into the raffle using the following products: 

Make sure to check out our SIDESHOW Blogs as well and keep up on our social media for new releases throughout the month!!! We will add more specifications to this Blog as the month progresses with teasers for the piece. 

  • Oct 08, 2016
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