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PARA PRIDE - Updates, Freebies, + More!

This is just a quick little update of all of the things going on for Para Pride hosted by Meta Foxx of Foxx Hollow! 

MM Has a few cool things happening. First of all we have Discounts!

As part of our Para Pride offerings, we have a few fabulous discounts! Here are the codes!

70% Off Custom Conjures with code RED

50% off Pre-Conjures with code ORANGE

40% off Ephemeral Bindings with code YELLOW

60% off Animus Collection with code GREEN

70% off Covenstead Vampyre Bindings with code BLUE

40% off Storewide with code VIOLET.

These steep discounts will end on August 2nd at 11:59 PM, so take advantage of them or email us about locking in a purchase before they disappear!


Next we have our specialty RA for the event!

The Spectrum RA is a reverse adoption that connects you with two spirit companions that are in a relationship. This RA allows you to choose which gender identity pairing you would like to work with most. There is an “undefined” option for those who are open to anyone.

Our reason for putting this RA together is that there are many entities who struggle finding companions because of their identities within the definitions on our plane. Some human companions also wish to experience and learn from companions who identify in a similar way as they do.

With this RA you get one vessel with two entities of Gold tier or above!

This RA features extra information!

You get the basics:

Name, Tier, Zone, Species, Species Description, Personality, and Age, as well as:

How They Met, Over-All Goals, and Element or Energies they excel with.

Check it out here!


Did someone say free workbooks? We have a list!!


Spirit Communication Guide

Vampyre Ball Ritual and Meditation

Adventures in Oichana

Welcoming Distance-Bound Companions

Heeding the Call: Working with Pre-Conjured Entities

Visions - A Meditation

Welcoming Your Guides

Offerings For Your Guides

Harvest Feast Ritual and Meditation

7 Quick and Easy Spells for the Kitchen Witch

Meet Your Spirit Guide: Lakeside Park

Meet Your Spirit Guide: Coffee Shoppe

Chalice of Visions

Paradise Picnic

Bazaar Adventure

Beach Bliss

Manual Re-Set

Soul Purpose

Awakening The Third Eye



Can be claimed up to 3 times per person!!

Explore Our Spellwork Here



Our favorite communication planet goes retrograde August 12th! Now is the time to prepare!

Currently available for less than the cost of your favorite frappucino (if you love coffee like we do!).

Down from 15$ to under 4$ for a limited time.


I mean, it is coming on the 19th. It’s good to be prepared, and we have shared the practices that we use to stave off the chaos. 

Get yourself organized, enlightened, and excited.

Grab your copy here!


We added new listings as of 7-26 and more are to come!

Check them out here!


Order Status Updates:

Note that most orders are completed toward the minimum side of the spectrum. Those that wait longer than expected will either get a bonus RA, a free gift, or will get an elevated tier calling. We do not 

Custom Conjures and Pre-Conjures-

3-4 Day Wait Estimation on Remote Bindings

4-10 Day Wait Estimation on Shipments



All spellwork is done within 72 hours of purchase.



2-3 Day Wait Estimation on Remote Bindings

4-10 Day Wait Estimation on Shipments



Readings up to July 1st are slated to be finished by August 10th. 

Beyond that:

1 Page Readings, Depending on Queue Size, are estimated to take 5-10 days for completion.

10 Page Readings, Depending on Queue Size, are estimated to take up to 20 days for completion.


A kind reminder that divination takes a lot out of us. Our queue on any given day has at least 50 pages worth of readings in it, with the current count being closer to 120 as we had a few rather large reading orders that slowed things down a bit. Good work takes time. Delays on shipment are due to vetting, double-checking, and the fact that we are now shipping twice a week instead of 5 times a week as we were before. Though the schedules and wait times have changed temporarily, you are still guaranteed the same quality and attention. Thank you for working with us through this process, we are so grateful. <3 


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