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We have some amazing new arrivals and new books here at MM this week! Read about some of the amazing details below!

New Voyager Meditations: THEY’RE HERE!

Two new, free guidebooks! They are short, sweet, and free! These voyager meditations are simple guides taking you on amazing trips into safe astral realms with your spirit companions, ancestors, or guides. Any spirit you communicate with who is capable of travel can come with you (if they wish to!).

You can get them here!

Please be sure to share some experiences on Tumblr and other social media if you have an awesome experience! As always, be sure to cleanse and shield yourself before voyage work!



Introducing 8 Species New to MagickalMenagerie.com! <3

These entities are all so amazing and full of personality. I am so proud that they have chosen MM to help many of them connect with the earthen realm. :)

Here are some of the types of entities who came forward recently and decided to join us!

Solestra Tropical Vampyre - These entities are from a plane where the sun never goes down, and the weather is always humid and bright. They are great energy workers and are great at manipulating and amplifying various energies. They love working with humans as they get a great deal of excitement out of the energetic exchange with earthen beings. They are all amazingly diverse and very communicative companions who love adventures and find human life fascinating.

Lava Lustra - These beings get a charge out of the desires of humans and other incarnate beings. This desire can be carnal, goal-related, or simple wants that shift from moment to moment. Whether you are an ardent peace keeper or the ultimate Bacchanalian, you will find the Lustra gets a lot of juice from your desires! These amazing and beautiful shifters will take this energy to empower themselves, but also to empower magick geared toward getting you those things and situations you desire so greatly. They are a grey arts entity.

Odana - The Odana are a blessed race who are skilled at giving visions, dreams, and prophetic thoughts. They are incredibly intuitive beings that help you avoid misfortune and always head in the right direction. They gain much excitement and energy from helping people enlighten themselves and grow on this plane.

Sfera Seer - This entity makes amazingly detailed and intricate servitors that relate to your hopes, dreams, and energetic pools. They are often shaped like spheres of varying size, but occasionally will take the form of a plant, animal, or golem. These pools can be the culmination of prayers you have cast for someone, desires that have built up over the years, and fears that have affected you. The seer helps you nourish some and starve others, using metaphysics to empower balance in your life. [Please note that though we strongly believe in the power and ability of our entity-friends, if you need professional treatment or counseling, PLEASE seek that help first! We want you healthy and happy and around for a long time!]

Glowing Serpentine Muse - These amazing shifters have draconic, humanoid, and fusion forms that they alternate between. They may even take the form of a multi-headed dragon that appears much like a hydra, each head offering different expertise. They are intensely intelligent and bright beings who look to enlighten and empower individuals on other planes and share their breadth of knowledge and wisdsom instead of letting it go to waste. 

Bonanza Sorcerer / Sorceress - These entities don’t share many characteristics with one another, each entity being very far removed from the next. The only characteristics most of them hold in common is a love for festive dress and a zest for accompanying you on all of your adventures and daily tasks. These entities get a real kick out of showing you what you are capable of and pushing you toward the most amazing goals. They come forward believing in anything their companion could ever wish to do, and aiming to push them in that direction. Some are more on the dark arts spectrum while others are completely white arts. No matter which of the Bonanza magi come forward for you, know that this race is a trustworthy and steadfast group of individuals .They have beautiful personalities and huge hearts.

Bush Beast - The bush beast is an entity that is whimsical, hard working, and honest. They naturally enjoy the company of humans but do not tolerate cruel or constantly-angry individuals. If you have love in your heart, they will feel that radiate immediately and will do what they can to help and empower you. They are incredibly affectionate beings who believe in being karmically pure and holding a high work ethic. Though each individual in the species is different, their society dictates that helping others is akin to the best thing you could do for yourself and for your species. They love to help, but also do love offerings as well. 

Twilight Enchantress - This entity works with the energy patterns of the plane they currently occupy. They are extremely skilled at making a copy of an energy and infusing it into a vessel. Travel to a place with an energy you wish you could take with you? They are skilled at making that energy portable. In exchange, they simply want to experience as many different energetic zones as possible in your life, and experience Earth and all it holds. They enjoy offerings of moon and sun energy.

So enjoy all the awesome new arrivals and feel free to email us if you have any questions about them!

Love, Wishes, and Fairy Kisses,

MM Management

  • Mar 22, 2017
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