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Magickal Menagerie 7.0 -- The New Update!

Hello guys! We are so excited to release to you the new Beta version of our new E-Commerce site.

I'm here to share with you some of the exciting new features of our website. Not only do we have a new and beautiful HTML5 Layout that is fully interactive, we have included some new aspects that will make your experience better and more exciting!

1.) New EasyPeek Cart. You can hover of your cart to scope items, price, and quantity with ease! This will allow you to quickly scan what you already have, and to make plans for your cart!

A completely new Item Page! Not only are their recommendations to the top and the bottom, you can now add to wishlist and and inquire about the piece! There is also a reviews tab next to the description so you may add or read reviews for all of your favorite items!

A close up of the quantity, cart-add, product request, and wishlist buttons! So many features squeezed into an easy-to-use interface!

3. MyMenagerie Wishlists allow you to put together a cart and come back for it later! Are you really loving something and want to add it to your wishlist but aren't sure if you have done so already? Hover over the ❤ and it will say "add to wishlist" or "browse wishlist," two awesome features which will prevent you accidentally deleting those pieces you truly love.

4. New Blog Emphasis! We will be working to integrate more information and content blogs onto our website and to take Our Witching Hour back to the reflective, personal, day-in-the-life style that it originated with! Keep your eyes open for more tips, tricks, and content from our blog! Want to know if you have missed anything? Check the bulletin on the front page!

5. New drop-down menus make it easier than ever to find what you need! We have even added a new resources tab so that you can easily find the answers you need to some of the most pressing questions!

We are also slowly working on changing and upgrading all of our stock images and product images, and are working on a filter widget that will help you single out exactly what you need and desire in our store! Please comment or send us an email if you have any opinions or questions! Thank you all so much for your ongoing support!


Love, Wishes, and Fairy Kisses

Team {MM}

  • Nov 12, 2016
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