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LEGACY Challenge - January 2017!


- One of these 8 will be chosen from the rebloggers of this post!! -

So many of you have wanted to take part, have legally been able to, but have been financially UNable to take part in the Spirit Companion Community. We want everyone to be able to dip their toes in the realm of the unknown. Though there are ways to earn it through our points system, this is another way you could come in contact with your next (or first!) spirit friend.

Here are the ways in which you can enter:

⚜ Post a review on Tumblr or Creepy Hollows Forums. Be honest! Submit to us a link on Anon or an email to magickalmenagerie@gmail.com with info on your post if it is on CH. Make sure and tag us if it is on tumblr. 

⚜ Post a writing on your experiences with entities/spellwork/readings from us.

⚜ Post a reflection on one of our walkthroughs or pathworkings (you can find some for free right here.)

⚜ Post a photo with your vessels, workbook, amulet, or anything else that came from us. Get creative!

⚜ Share a story, real or fictional, based upon your spirit guides that you connected with through MM.

⚜ Start a conversation about MM’s entity connections on a forum or on Tumblr. Get at least 2 replies for it to count as an entry. 

⚜ Have a different idea? Email us at magickalmenagerie@gmail.com and propose it to us…we may say yes!

⚜ To enter, you MUST be 18 years or older, or have express permission from your parent or guardian. If you are neither of these things but still want to take part in the competition for the fun of it (no prize attached), please tag it #justforfun.

⚜ Tag all posts on Facebook/Tumblr/Other Tagworthy social media with #magickalmenagerie, #magickal menagerie, and #Legacy

⚜ Nothing sexually explicit please, simply because we do have minors keeping their eyes on what we do. 

⚜ Be truthful to the best of your ability.

⚜ Have fun!

⚜ Allow up to two weeks for your remote binds to be finalized. We will likely have them done much quicker than this, but during high volume, prizes may be pushed farther back in queue.

⚜ Don’t spam your friends and followers! 

⚜ If you are doing the ‘reblog’ contest, all other rules apply, and you must be following us.

⚜ Grammar and Spelling will not be factored into judgment, as all different levels of education deserve to explore. Do not worry about eloquence or framing.

⚜ Winners will be a mix of hand-picked and randomly drawn. We love all of the entries we receive so we will never tell you -how- you were picked, but will try to keep it as blind as possible!

⚜ Be kind to one another!

⚜ Each entrant is allowed 2 entries maximum for the post challenge with no limit on reblogs for the post challenge.

⚜ Rules a little muddy or confusing? Feel free to email us your questions.

⚜ END DATE FOR JANUARY: Since we got to the game a little late this go-round, end date is Feb 2nd with winners being notified by the 4th. February’s contest will extend to 12:00 AM Feb 2.

We are SO thrilled to bring you this new weekly tradition! Please make sure that we have a way to contact you if you enter, be it through Tumblr Message, Email, or otherwise!

  • Jan 24, 2017
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