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HAUNTOBER 2017: Witch's Ball

Welcome to the Fourth Annual Hauntober Celebration! The theme this year is Witch's Ball, and we are planning to go above and beyond with this one, and give you a Hauntober to Remember!

There are going to be contests, team activities, spotlight challenges, discounts, new guidebooks, spotlights on Ephemeral and various species, and so much more. This is always our favorite season, as our spirited friends are particularly active as the trees shed their leaves and the veil between worlds is the thinnest. 

Read below to get your hands on the details of our fabulous event!



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Welcome to the Phantom Fair! This event is going to be quite a fantastic journey and will hopefully bring our community even closer together. The Phantom Fair Tournament is based off of the Tumblr Platform and will require a Tumblr account to take part. They are quick and free to make, and you will find a fantastic spirit companionship community there. 

The Phantom Fair is based off of three teams. You can choose which team you'd like to be on, and do item #1 on the task list at the end of this section to officially begin taking part. We will have a roster with names, teams, and points that will be updated periodically. If you have checked back twice in 48 hours and not seen something you did posted on the roster, but you completed it and followed the rules, please send us an email with the subject line "Phantom Fair Points."

Here's a little about the fabulous teams taking part in this year's Phantom Fair.

These fabulous teams are based off of three amazing animals -- the Deer, the Raven, and the Ox. These three teams represent some fabulous quality that people in our community have. If you feel you identify with one over the others, you have just found your team!

How does the competition work?

The competition is composed of a number of people on different teams. Every post you make and activity you complete will gain you and your team points. The team with the most points at the end of the period will receive a very special prize explained below, and the person with the most points will get a special prize as well.

You simply perform a task, post it publicly on tumblr, add your hashtags as described below, and tag @magickalmenagerie so that we spot it. If you have not seen it uploaded on the leaderboard here within 48 hours of completion, please email us with the tagline Phantom Fair Points.

There will be certain spotlight events that will award large sums to teams or individuals based on the structure of the event. We will announce these in advance. 


One prize redeemable per mailing address.

Only team members with at least 30 points will be eligible to receive their prize. 

You may not change teams after you have joined one.

Remember, you aren't required to do everything, so if there is something that you are uncomfortable doing or are unable to do, you can still compete!

The Easy Challenges are meant to get you connected with your community, connected to good vibrations, and thinking about yourself, your life, and your network. They should be easy tasks that take no more than 5 minutes. Don't overthink it!

Note that 3 and 4 are the only ones on this list that won’t require a post of some sort.

  1. Choose which team you wish to be a part of, and make a post about why you wished to choose that team or why you think it is fitting for you.
  2. Find yourself a Fair Buddy. This can be someone you know already, or you can make friends by reaching out and asking someone (you can use the tag #phantomfairfriend). Your post seeking a fair buddy or a re-blog of the fair advertisement with your friend’s name tagged will complete this challenge.
  3. Change your ID tag to your team tag (see the graphics at the end of this post!)
  4. Follow @magickalmenagerie and write “followed” in the comments on the original advertisement.
  5. Write a list of 8 things that inspire you.
  6. In one paragraph, explain your dream altar and things that you would have on it.
  7. Make a playlist of 3 or more songs that get you in the mood for magick. Share them with us!
  8. Write an elemental magick haiku using your favorite element.
  9. Write a post about/dedicated to someone in the community (or not!) who has inspired your craft.
  10. Make a collage or color scheme dedicated to one of your spirit companions. If you do not have a spirit companion, dedicate it to a species you feel drawn to, a deity, or an element.
  11. Watch a movie or show with a certain companion and write about your experiences.
  12. Make a crystal grid to pay homage to an entity, energy, or deity.
  13. Do a sketch or draw a quick doodle to pay honor to an entity, energy, or deity.
  14. Light a candle offering for your entity companions, energies, or a deity/deities.
  15. Fill an offering plate with sugar and spices for your companions.
  16. Take your companion's vessels outside or place them on a window-sill. Take a family picture.
  17. Reblog a picture of a place you would like to visit for spiritual reasons. Tag as needed.
  18. Post an image of how you believe one of your companions looks.
  19. Make a post listing your companions, what they are good at, and how long you have known them for.
  20. Make a list of your favorite spirit keeping blogs. 

The Intermediate Challenges are meant to allow you to get to know your higher self, your companions, and your goals much better. These tasks could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the task and how much focus it requires. These can be done many different times for points as long as the post itself is remarkably different.

  1. Write or illustrate your dream temple, if you could have one, and what it would include.
  2. Write a story, real or imagined, about an astral journey with your closest guide.
  3. Write a letter or homage to one or several of your companions.
  4. Make a small altar or describe one that you would make for your companions. Bonus points for linking neat items you find on amazon or on other websites.
  5. Write about one of your favorite paranormal species and why they interest you.
  6. Write about one of your most intense or exciting spiritual experiences to date.
  7. Write about a past life experience or recall that you have had.
  8. Make a Pinterest board dedicated to one or multiple entities [Inspired by @divineeclecticism]
  9. Write about what spirit keeping/companionship means to you and why you got involved in the first place.
  10. Write about ways you have grown spiritually in the last year.
  11. Write about your belief system, or what type of paganism/witchcraft/religion/spirituality that you follow or believe in, if any, and how your worked on forming your beliefs. 
  12. Get into the spiritual zone and write a magickally charged poem.
  13. Make a playlist of songs, one for each of your companions.
  14. If you could meet anyone in the astral, whom would it be and why?
  15. Make a moodboard for your witchy self that describes your path and passion.
  16. Draw a sigil for personal peace, personal wealth, or personal health, and share it.
  17. Find and share a poem or literary excerpt/quote that means something of significance to you spiritually or has inspired you in some profound way.
  18. Make a list of magickal arts, traditions, skills, or abilities that you wish to excel in.
  19. Share one of your favorite witch tips, something that has helped you substantially.
  20. Do you have a family history involved with spirituality? If so, talk about it. If not, explain how you became interested in the spiritual arts.
  21. Write something motivational for others today, inspiring them or helping them hold out hope.
  22. What is the largest lesson that your spiritual path has taught you, and how did you come to learn it?
  23. How do you see or perceive your astral self? Do you like this image or not? Why?
  24. What helps you get into the witchy 'zone'? Aromatherapy, crystals, music? Share what helps and why you think it helps.
  25. What do you think is the largest misconception in the spiritual pursuit, spirit companionship in particular.

The Expert Challenges are meant to help you communicate with your companions better, experience other planes, and strengthen your astral skills, as well as peering into yourself more deeply. These may require a bit more time and patience, so set aside time for them, and don't be upset if you cannot complete them in one sitting. You can still write about your experience even if you feel it is 'incomplete.'

  1. The Mermaid: Download and work on the Beach Bliss Pathworking, and review your experience with it, what you saw and experienced. 
  2. The Vampire: Align your chakras, and visualize them. What do you see? What do you feel as you energize and realign them?
  3. The Fairy: Go into nature or if you are in a concrete jungle, find a store or location that makes you feel close to nature. Bring home something that calls to you (don't break the law!). Take a photo and share why it's significant.
  4. The Muse: Download and work on the Adventures in Oichana Pathworking and review your experience. Explain what you saw, who you met, and what you did. 
  5. The Vision: Draw, Paint, or Illustrate a spiritual scene or spiritual figure that means a lot to you.
  6. The Priest/ess: Create and set up a seasonal altar for Autumn/Samhain/Halloween. Simple is a-ok! Take a photo of it and share any pertinent details.
  7. The Cook: Share a recipe, herbal blend, or tea recipe that you feel lends power and influence in the season. A spirited tea, harvest entree, or salve for a cold would be a good idea. If you take this recipe from anywhere, please be sure to cite the author.
  8. The Visionary: Download and work on the Chalice of Visions Pathworking. Share what you saw, what was significant to you, and what you felt during your pathworking.
  9. The Hermit: Write about a powerful spiritual experience you have had, and why it left you in awe. The difference between this and the Intermediate Version, is we would like you to share how you prepared for this event, how you felt afterward, and if you feel it is still having an influence on you.
  10. The Dreamer: Describe a powerful dream you had, what you think it meant, and explain what you felt from it and if anything bizarre happened after you had the dream.
  11. The Child Seer: Describe your earliest paranormal experience, who it was with, and if you told anyone/how it was received.
  12. The Diviner: Download and work on the Soul Purpose Meditation. This is a two part meditation. Claim 100 points each for writing about each part in a different post. 
  13. The Merchant [I]: Share your top ten wishlist of witchy items, spirit companion custom conjures, books, herbs, and more!
  14. The Merchant [II]: Download and work on the Bazaar Adventure pathworking. Talk about what you saw, experienced, and even bought. 
  15. The Herbalist: Share your favorite incense or herbal blend, the recipe if you have it, and what it is good for.
  16. The Bride: Is your significant other spiritually minded? Do you wish they were if not? If you are single, what do you look for spiritually or religiously in a mate if anything? 
  17. The Familiar: Do you have an animal or spirit familiar? Write about them, what their name is, what they look like, and how they have helped you.
  18. The Teacher: Write about a historical figure you feel uniquely tied to or are strangely fascinated with. Who were they? What did they do? Why do you think you are drawn to them?
  19. The Mage: What is the most powerful magickal or spiritual thing you have ever done? How did it go? What memories do you have of it and would you/could you do this thing again?
  20. The Illusionist: Download and work on the Manual Re-Set Ritual. Explain what your experience is like, if it benefitted you, and what your thoughts are on it. 
  21. The Dragon: Display your magickal item treasure trove -- whatever items you are comfortable showing. Explain what they are and what they mean to you.
  22. The Siren: Take a magickally charged bath (salts and hydrogen peroxide are purifying, but you can definitely use a bath bomb, powerful herbal concoctions, anything you are not allergic to, really). Endure this with the intent of purging that which you do not want to keep with you. What did you let go today? What did you see?
  23. The Oracle: What would your ideal witchy-self look like? how would they dress? How would they speak? Where would they live? What would their hobbies be?
  24. The Warrior: What are you fighting most with your spiritual journey? What are your biggest fears?
  25. The Wizard: Write a spell in poem or limerick form to help with a problem you are having. Share it with us.
  26. The Hierophant: What has been your biggest struggle on your path? Do you have to hide it from anyone? What has aided you on this journey?
  27. The Mirror Maiden: Ask your companion to show you a sign, symbol, or vision when you close your eyes. Wait for it. It could be a number, a plant, a word, a sound... don't rule anything out. Once you see, hear, or feel it, see if you can't find out what it means. Use dream dictionaries and symbolism websites.
  28. The Keeper of Memories: Share your favorite memory, one you can call on when you feel overwhelmed. Why is this memory so impactful?
  29. The King: What is the change you wish to bring to the world, and is there a way that spirituality can do this for you?
  30.  The Queen: Is there a change you wish to bring about inside yourself, and is there any way that spirituality can do this for you? What do you hope to achieve?


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