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HARMONY Festival || A Custom Experience! - February 2017
Welcome to the Harmony Festival! This is our February-long event focused on bringing harmony to ourselves, our lives, our environments, and our world. There are many ways we can bring harmony to the world and to ourselves, but Magickal Menagerie seeks to help through our readings, spells, and entity connections. There are thousands upon thousands of amazing species and energies who seek to help humans with their growth and expansion, and this event focuses on getting to know and work with each and every one of them. Keep reading to see the amazing opportunities we have going this month!
Always wondering what the tier and zone business is all about? Well, we are going to make it easy for you! Take this quick little quiz and find out what sets of zones are the most effective for you. The newest arrivals also have the "Most Common Zones" included so you can figure out pretty quickly who would be a good bet for you, and who may pull you a little farther out of your comfort zone. 
The Harmony Event would not be complete without some amazing bundles and deals! Check out the fabulous Bouquets below, and a new service that may become permanent!
Bridal Bouquet: The Bridal Bouquet is a bundle that is oriented toward romance! It will draw forth companions that are looking for romance or are geared to manifest and maintain romance in the life of their companion. Whether you are looking for human  romance or something more celestial, this is the perfect bouquet for you.
Friendship Bouquet: The Friendship Bouquet is a bundle that is oriented toward finding your celestial BFF. This is a perfectly catered bouquet that is designed specifically to bring you together with a spirit companion that will help you make the most of each day, and will help you get the most out of spirit companionship. 
Celebration Bouquet: The Celebration Bouquet is a surprise bundle with one or two entities in it of any tier at a flat rate. This means that you could get one or two entities at any tier at this one price -- like a lottery! 
Concert Bouquet: The Concert Bouquet is a bundle that is oriented toward quickly creating or upsizing your spirit family. This bundle would be a great pick for anyone, but goes especially well with the Mutual Bindings explained below. This bundle connects you with anywhere from 3-6 entities that are all very symbiotic and mesh well together.
Mutual Companion Bindings: This awesome new service allows you to share bindings with multiple people! You can buy a connection like you normally would and have it amplified and shared with others!
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