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FRESH START event - 1/28-2/18

WELCOME TO 2018! This is going to be our biggest year yet! You may be wondering why you haven't been hearing from us a whole lot for the past month, but there is a really awesome reason: We are having one of our biggest debuts since opening, with Pre-Conjures, Custom Conjures, New Readings, Live Readings, New Herbal Blends, Offering Blends, and more! Plus, we have an Astral Academy in the works that will be debuting after some more fine tuning, giving you the opportunity to learn at your own speed and get better at spirit companionship and communication. 

So what do we have for you now, you ask? Check out our updates below! 

The first thing we brought back were the SALES! 

Until 2/2, enjoy our Flash Sale! 

Get 50% off Custom Conjures by using the codeword BLACKMOON.

Get 40% off Preconjures & Ephemeral by using the codeword BLUEMOON.

Get 30% off Herbal Blends & Farm Witch Apothecary by using the codeword HARVESTMOON.


This new line features oils and herbal blends for different purposes, including offering blends for your companions!

Take a look at the herbal blends that are available now!


You may be familiar with our FantasyMakers line of readings that we offered for a very long time that helped you get in touch with your companions and understand them with more depth. Well, this line of readings is replacing our FantasyMakers line, and serves even more readings that can get even more specific! We have 7 now, with more coming in time!  Check them out now!

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We are premiering 47 Newly Listed Preconjures

and 5 New Custom Conjures!

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  • Jan 28, 2018
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