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Check out our list of Cyber Spirits available through Friday Dec. 4th on our frontpage at a 30% discount with code CYBERMAGIC!!! 

Also, check out our new line of readings, Fantasy Makers, available at a discount for Cyber Monday!!! These readings are a great way to get to know your guides, and have something unique from them, to you!!! 

Quill: A 1 page story from the point of view of the entity, detailing a moment that was important to them, or a memory that has been monumental, so as to promote bonding between yourself and the entity.

Fountain Pen: A written ‘bio’ as if the individual was on social media, detailing things they love, things they hate, experiences that are important to them, and a little bit of backstory. Usually is ¾ of a page.

Underwood: Messages from this entity to you directly, about ways they wish to help, connections they have had with you or wish to have, and any input they have on your life. 

Keystroke: Let’s IM! For each price below, you get 5 questions, and each answer is about a paragraph depending on how much room there is for discussion. Please realize that how you ask a question may result in a variable answer.

Stroke of Genius: The stroke of genius is a package that contains [one] each of the Quill, Fountain Pen, Underwood, and Keystroke packages together, focusing on ONE entity at a time. 

We hope you enjoy these ELECTRIFYING deals XD

  • Nov 30, 2015
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