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We appreciate the patience and understanding of all our valued customers, clients, and friends as we move to our new home in Atlanta, GA.

This move was very sudden, and originally planned for in Nov. Due to the spontaneous nature and turn of events with our plans, we have been experiencing some unfortunate delays. Here is a brief update for you all on how we are handling this transition.

ALL PHYSICAL ORDERS PURCHASED BEFORE 4pm EST on Saturday, September 26th will be shipping out this morning.

Due to the extreme amount of physical orders, we have been unable to tackle the many reading orders we have received. If you have purchased a reading, we will be doing our best to complete as many as possible throughout today and tomorrow. However, as we have planned to do them several times, we lack the appropriate environment and accommodations to deliver helpful guidance at the time. We will gurantee all readings to be completed by Oct. 6th if they were ordered before SEPT 24th.

This date is scheduled as such because our internet will be installed Oct. 5th.

All packages ordered after Saturday Sept. 24th will be shipping on Oct. 7th unless there are other requests that they be held, or if they are in accordance with our usual methods of operation.

Thank you all for your patience and support. We are doing our best to bring you guidance and support as always, and we are excited to be moving because it presents us with much more opportunity to do so in the future.

Love and Light,
Curtis and Carmen

P.S. This blog was accidently hidden instead of posted. We apologize for the error. It may be difficult to contact us until Monday Oct. 5th, so please wait for our responses on that date. We thank you for your patience, and do not expect delays to be longer than or normal shipping periods. Thank you!!!

  • Oct 02, 2015
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