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In celebration of sending our 1000th sale, we are giving away these guys with every order!!!

Mantra Manifestation Mandalas - from Magickal Menagerie

These mandalas are spelled to help call spirits and energies to you in aid of manifesting whatever you speak to the mandala. Hang them by a mirror, or in front of a window. When you wake up, or before you leave the house, speak your intention to the mandala and close your statement with an "Amen" or a "So mote it be!". This activates the mandala to help you manifest your intention throughout the day.

We suggest mantras phrased with "I will...." or "I am...." statements.
Ex. "I will eat healthier today" or "I am kind, caring, and compassionate!"

We hope you all will enjoy these!!! They will be in every package until we run out of them!!!

Thank you all for your love and support!!!


  • Aug 14, 2015
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