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In response to popular request, we have released a new line of custom servitors, with the assistance of some of our spirit guides. Servitors are thoughtforms, and creations of spiritual beings, divine beings, or human beings, that have form and function, but are not spirits. They are spiritual constructs, usually serving one purpose. Many have asked us to offer servitors as a permanent staple, as we have sold them in the past. They are sometimes prefered because they do not have the emotional density that a living entity or guide does, and they are meant to serve a very specific purpose. The energy of servitors is also much easier to utilize and control, and work with a servitor is usually a hand on experience, including rituals and spellwork that will help you get the most from your purposed thoughtform. 

We have worked to find spirits who are talented with creating thoughtforms, and we came upon a race of Drow that are very talented with this art. In tandem with our guides of this race, we have used their knowledge and skills to release a new line of products that helps you to create your own personal servitors to serve a wide variety of spiritual needs. Whether you need their assistance for spellwork, happiness, education, or discernment, our Animus Servitors are sure to please. 

Here is a little more information for you: 

  1. What is a servitor? A servitor or "thought form" is a spiritual being that has not occurred 'naturally.' They are usually created using energy from a particular source, and can be given a purpose, a talent, a task to do, and even a personality.

  2. How is Animus different? The Animus Project focuses on a new way of creating and programming servitors. There are a variety of Drow entity who specialize in just this, in giving them more 'human' touches, and allowing them to be so much more than the average servitor. They have the capability to learn, grow, and experience where many servitors cannot.

  3.  How do I care for my Animus? Quite simply, they require little care, though they will benefit from charging, often in moonlight. For those who wish to go the extra mile, the Haleoda Lightform is an entity in the Collection that works explicitly with Animus Servitors and is able to 'program' them with more knowledge, personality traits, etc. The Animus Healer can give them more dynamic bursts of energy, can keep them clear of spiritual debris, and can keep them active and healthy.

  4. How long do they live? Thoughtforms of all kinds are usually held together with purpose and magickal programming that will allow them to live well beyond your human body and more than likely into future incarnations.

  5. Can they perform evil tasks? Technically they can perform any task that they are emotionally and scientifically prepared for. If they have the knowledge and the ability, they will if asked.

  6. Help! My Servitor is ______ing! That is a-ok, sometimes we give commands that we no longer feel are necessary. Use either the immediate reset code (back to before last action) or the permanent reset code (clean slate) included in your Animus Orientation packet and all will be good again!

Servitors can be a great start to spirit keeping, and also a great asset to any spiritual task or mission. As they are devoted to a minute cause, they are able to devote their energy and influence very pointedly. They are easier to control, and  are worked with through ritual. As it may be difficult at times to work with spirits with confidence, ritual work with servitors offers guaranteed cause and effect. However, the only way to gauge the full benefits of one of our servitors, is to give them a try!!!

You can learn more about our new line of products here!!!  If you like what you see, you can always fill out the order form to submit a request for your custom servitor.


You can check out our line of products here, under "The Animus Project" tab in the collections section of our store. 

In addition....we have added a line of products to boost the energy of spirits, servitors, entities, spelled items, or thoughtforms in your keep. These energy infusions are the perfect coupling for our release of the Animus Servitors. These "Animus Infusions" are performed in ritual, and  the energy raised is transmitted to your item to bring it back to life!!! All you have to do is specify where you would like the energy to be sent. The types of energy vary, and they can be used to enhance our products, your own spelled/spirited items, or spiritual items that you have gathered elsewhere. They are a great way to enhance connection and stir up some dormant energy in your magickal items. Give them a try too, in "The Animus Project" collection. 


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