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Spell Work Descriptions

Starting April 1, 2016 our spell work listings will be listed in a new format. We will take time to change our old listings to resemble our new way of posting, but here is the key for our new listings, and what everything means in terms of the spell.


Spell work listings will be classified at three levels of casting. These levels are indicated by the ‘Strength’ line of the spell.


Simple: This category represents as spell that is a one-time casting, and is usually present for only a short time. The effects of these spells are not overpowering to your life, and have a subtle influence. Simple spells involve surrounding you with energy to guide and assist you, and help you to embody the properties of the spell in your daily life. Spells in this category will may be subverted by your willpower if you desire, and are best for times when you just need a boost from spirit.


Deluxe: If you are looking for a spell that is a little more life altering, but do not want to release a significant amount of your willpower for transformation or results, this level of casting is the way to go. The effects of these spells may take a few days to onset. Spells in this category usually help to empower you in a larger way than simple spells, and give you a surge and focus on the task the spell is designated to help with. These spells affect your willpower slightly, as they tend to shift your focus for the duration of the spell, and empower you to give attention to specific areas of your life that need it. Resisting these spells may be a little difficult, and could cause some minor anxiety if the forces aiding you are being ignored. Deluxe spells are a tad forceful, and are for times when you need a lift, or push in the right direction.


Platinum: At our strongest level of casting, Platinum spells help to bring lasting lessons, transformation, and experience to you. These spells are directed towards total transformation and immersion in the purpose of the spell. When a Platinum spell is cast, it is a long term commitment, and is harder to break with your own will. Spells of this strength are for when you are wanting to be led by the divine, and wish to embrace the lesson of the spell for life changing growth.  It is difficult to alter your path once the spell has been cast for you, and can cause anxiety or disturbance if you do not use the energy of the spell for its intention. This level of casting is a large divine blessing, and you should be advised that when afforded to you, it is an imposing force that teaches you in its own way, regardless if you like it or not. You should consider this level when you wish to gain its effects quickly, and permanently, and are willing to allow the spell to guide you for its duration. If you find a spell that matches your direction, and will help you achieve it, a Platinum casting is the perfect way to empower yourself and get it there.


The “Empowerment” section tells you what the spell will help you with, and the “Effect” portion of the listing helps to expand on the intended effect of the spell.


The “Onset” part of the listing tells you how long it takes for the spell to reach its full influence, and the “Duration“ portion of the listing details how long the spells blessing or energy will be present in your life.







Example Spell Work Listing

Spell Name: Day Dreamer

Strength: Simple

Onset: 1 Day

Duration: 2 Weeks

Empowerment: Stress Relief, Light Heartedness, Joy

Effect: This spell helps to relieve some of the stress and world weariness we get as more and more stress is added to our plate over the years. With a more light and dreamy energy added to your aura, you will have more capacity to enjoy life, and see the magic around you. Sometimes, getting lost in a dream is what you need to embrace your day with a light heart, and childish sense of wonder.

  • Apr 05, 2016
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