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Who are Carmen and Curtis?

Carmen and Curtis are a loving and faithful duo who are the owners of Magickal Menagerie. They are committed to providing genuine and empowering spiritual guidance to others. We are dedicated to exploring spirituality, encouraging discussion about the metaphysical, and helping others to find their personal spiritual practice and connection to their higher self and to the divine. 

Carmen has been a practicing pagan since the age of 12 through her mother's guidance. She is a second degree pagan priestess in the Cornelian and Eclectic traditions. She is studied in Ancient History, English, and Music. This lovely young witch has been gifted with tremendous psychic and intuitive abilities since she was very young, and has taken it as her personal mission to help other with her gift. 

Curtis is Carmen's best friend, brother, and together they are often referred to as "Twin Mediums". Curtis found his spiritual footing at a young age as well, as a gifted empath and channeler. Unaware an overstimulated by the world around him, Curtis often sought explanations for his overwhelming emotions and confusion about the world. On his own, he began to practice Nichiren Buddhism at the age of 16, and in his practice began to experience intense visions, empathic phenomena, and receive strong intuitive messages. He is very dedicated to understanding and communicating his experiences with his personal spiritual practice, and enjoys exploring different ways of being in order to understand the feelings of others, and to learn to help guide those around him. 

Curtis and Carmen have been friends since 2012, and knew they were meant for something great from their first meeting. Through their journeys and practices together, they have developed a deepest dedication to spreading spiritual advice, and teaching others how to grow spiritually, and specifically with learning to communicate with spirits in an effective and safe way. 

What do you sell? 

Magickal Menagerie sells many products including summonings/spirit guides, enchanted and spelled objects, spellwork, psychic readings, spiritual services and counseling, as well as supplies for personal practice. Our main products are spirit guides, also known as summonings or spirit companions. 

  • May 08, 2017
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